December 5 – 12, 2017


Helen Lee
Mainland of China

Helen Lee graduated from the Raffles Design Institute at Shanghai’s Donghua University. She launched her first label Insh in 2003 featuring kitschy T-shirts and sweatshirts. In 2009 she established a second label under her own name, combining authentic Chinese aesthetics with an edgy, modern look. Targeted at men and women with a sense of independence and a need for self-expression, the brand has become a pioneer in the contemporary Chinese fashion category.

Capsule Collection
HELEN LEE showcases her premier style mixed with fun elements in this Capsule Collection created specifically for the 10 Asian Designers to Watch Exhibition. As in previous collections she skillfully combines unexpected fabrics, which is a signature of the HELEN LEE designs. Lace and feather knit wool are styled with shinny metallic leather and sequin covered denim, giving the collection a warm “rocker” look that is young and confident. HELEN LEE’s ubiquitous rabbit makes an appearance in the form of a playful shadow puppet bringing the collection a lively motif. Throughout the collection HELEN LEE encourages you to “Follow Me” with embroidered patchwork. This Mini Collection expresses HELEN LEE’s design vision of high quality, playful and premier style.