December 5 – 12, 2017


Masha Ma
Mainland of China

Masha Ma was born and raised in Beijing. She studied fashion at Central Saint Martins in London. After graduation, she worked at Alexander McQueen, before establishing her own brand ‘MASHAMA’ in 2011. She currently lives between Paris and Shanghai and is globally recognised as one of the most prominent Chinese designers of our time.

MASHAMA is a fashion house based in Paris and Shanghai. MASHAMA embodies and celebrates strength – truth and dare. The MM cyberpunk universe rebels against the past, playing with the future instead. Universality and individuality don’t compete, they merge.

Masha Ma doesn’t compromise, she creates.

Capsule Collection
MASHAMA continues to challenge the way women wear suits, heralding a new city uniform. The season’s flower is never obvious, but her attitude is. Appearing in broken form, neon, and heat embossed lines, digital and metallic, this flower surrenders proudly to innovation, ready to bloom.

The cyber cinematic vibe is found in glitch patterns, irregular pleats and prints, tech textiles and materials. Embracing a form of futuristic nostalgia, a gentle Chinese essence appears, recognizable but changed.
The latest campaign produced by Hong Kong’s celebrated filmmaker Wing Shya, a long-time collaborator of Wong Kar-wai which captures the duality of decision. The unique aesthetic and vivid imagery strongly communicates the power of ‘the life we could have had…’ Past and future versions of a different reality encounter each other in the now.
MASHAMA’s capsule collection features a contemporary city uniform, one fit for all the lives that await us.